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Getting Started With Portable Bidet

by Jacqueline

Bidets are a recent addition to bathroom accessories, and have grown in popularity over the years. If you’re a lover of toilet bidets, then you should be more than excited with the possibilities of a portable bidet. Now, you can take your precious bidet with you wherever you go.

What are portable bidets?

In-home toilet bidets are a great addition to toilet seats as they help improve personal hygiene. As important as they are, they’re more or less useless when you’re out of the home. Portable bidets are handheld devices that allow you clean after yourself when you’re out of the house. Since they are designed to fit into a backpack, relocation and storage of the bidet is easy.

What are the types of portable bidets?

There are three major types of these portable bidets. They include the battery-powered, handheld, and bottle cap bidet. While they operate in unique ways, they pretty much have a similar design. The nozzle is long and angled to allow for a clean wash without getting your hands dirty.

The bottle cap bidet has a cap at the end of the long nozzle with an opening that allows for spray. The cap sits on the bottle by screwing it in. The long neck is attached to a refillable bottle.

Handheld bidets come with a similar long necked nozzle attached to a refillable bottle. Pressing on the filled water bottle, releases a jet stream of water.

The major difference between the battery-powered bidet and the rest is that you wouldn’t need to press on the bottle. By pressing a button, the portable bidet releases the water for cleaning. It makes use of removable AA or AAA batteries, although some come with rechargeable batteries.

Tips on buying the best portable bidet

Portable bidets may come in simple design and easy-to-use functions, but with so many products and brands out there, it can get confusing on which to buy. If you’re stuck on how best to go about it, use these factors as a good checklist.

Storage capacity

Portable bidets need a water reservoir to hold water for cleaning. Different portable bidet models offer different capacities. The capacity of the water tanks range from 130 mL to about 1200 mL. However, on average, most of the brands have capacities of 500 mL. Generally, battery-powered bidets come with a lot less reservoir capacity than handheld bidets.

Bidet size

Portable designs come in different sizes. Although they’re designed for easy relocation, they still come in different designs. For instance, some designs feature a long, slim body, while others are wider and shorter. Some have a foldable or retractable nozzle that can reduce the size of the bidet when not in use.


The design and feature of the bidet would affect the overall pricing of the device. They come in a wide range of prices. Depending on what you want, you’re sure to get these portable bidets at a good price.


Portable bidets give users the option to improve personal hygiene wherever and whenever they want it. They are designed to help clean the nether regions without staining the hands. Although they have similar designs, the tank capacities often differ along the line of the different types of portable bidets. Depending on your budget, you can choose between any of the three types of portable bidets.

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