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Explain The Types Of Skinny Tumblers In The Market!

by Jacqueline

Tumblers have proven to be an amazing addition to your backpack. If you are a busy person you would understand the importance of tumblers in your daily routine. The need for skinny tumblers is enhancing day by day due to the business schedules and the quick lives of the people of Earth.

It is quite difficult to sit in one place and then enjoy your coffee or cold drinks. To give you helping hand skinny tumblers are here that allow you to easily carry your fluids. Now you don’t need to restrict yourself to the old fashion bottles or glasses as tumblers look more appealing and sophisticated in their appearance.

Types of Skinny Tumblers

Tumblers are different in their type according to the fluid, their size, and the environment of a person. The best thing about skinny tumblers is that it keeps the hot thing hot and cold fluid cold despite the fluctuation in the outside temperature. Some of the major types of skinny tumblers are discussed below:

● Mugs

Sometimes it becomes difficult to carry anything in the mug from one place to another. Skinny tumblers keep the fluid temperature restricted and safe with their lid. It comes up in the size of a mug which makes it easy to consume even while walking.

● Disposable Cups

If you like disposable cups then skinny tumblers also fulfilling this feature. You can have disposable cups in the skinny tumblers that can be used and then thrown into the basket without any restriction. The cups are environmentally friendly so that they won’t create any pollution.

● Beer Glasses

If you are in search of new style beer glasses then have a look at the skinny tumblers beer glasses. The glasses have a long shape which gives enough space for the beer. You can easily carry or take the liquid with the straw without any problem.

● Smart Drinkware

If you are looking for smart drinkware which gives facility and has a smart outlook. Skinny tumblers have advanced features which reduce the transfer of air and keep the temperature of fluid on its real. It has an amazing technology that allows setting the temperature of the liquid.

● Smart Juicer Bottles

Have you heard about smart juicer bottles? It is a skinny tumbler with the juicer machine automatically attached at its bottom. The machine works with only one button and you can have instant fresh juice of your desired fruit even outside your house.

● White Wine Glasses

If you want to carry white wine with you then it is difficult to carry it in a bottle. You can directly pour white wine into the tumbler and then cover it with its lid. The straw in the lid makes it easy to consume for the person without any hindrance.

Wise Words

If you want a glass that has quite enough storage for your coffee yet keeps it safe and covered then tumblers are a good option. Skinny tumblers are recently introduced to keep the optimum temperature of the fluid without any fluctuation. Tumblers come up in different types according to size and fluid. Some of the basic types along with their specifications are discussed above.

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