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5 Top Magnetic Shoe Displays

by Jacqueline

Whether you’re a store owner or shoe enthusiast, it’s essential to feature the latest styles. If you want to show off a unique pair of shoes, the floating type available today are out of this world. Let’s look at the seven most excellent floating shoe display on Amazon and see how high we can put your shoes with their aid. Many clients have found them to be reliable. Take a peek at this curated selection of category-specific headlines if you’re interested in learning more.

Levitating Shoe Stand Featuring the X-Float (Black)

On Amazon, the best-selling levitating shoe display is the black X-Float. The all-black aesthetic will allow your sneaker to steal the stage. The white LED light from the collection shines directly on your shoe, illuminating its intricate design and highlighting its many distinguishing features.

2.GLEGLE Floating Shoe Display

Another stylish black design, the GLEGLE display , features dazzling white LED lighting to grab your attention. A powerful magnet is used to assist levitate your shoes, and metal balls are included to ensure that your boots are balanced for optimal rotation. The acrylic used to make a stand is non-toxic and odorless. When in operation, the built-in fan ensures optimal air circulation. Because of its unique style, it will draw attention without taking away from your shoe. Connect it and start displaying your footwear.

3. Displays of U/R Ultra Floating Shoes

The U/R Ultra Floating shoe Display (available on Amazon) is the most budget-friendly levitating shoe display on this list, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s low-quality. Instead, the U/R Ultra Floating shoe features a sleek and modern black mirrored appearance. Its glossy black screen helps reflect the surrounding environment, drawing your attention and bringing you further into the shoe experience. The embedded chip system and magnet mechanism in the U/R Ultra Floating shoe Display allow you to suspect your footwear easily.

4. X-FLOAT Levitating Shoe Display with LED Light.

The X-FLOAT Levitating Shoe Display with Color Changing LED Light allows you to choose from seven colors to showcase your shoes in the best light. It will be a one-of-a-kind enhancement to the model’s already sophisticated black and spinning appearance. There is a powerful magnetic system built into this X-FLOAT model, much as in the others, that will allow your shoe to spin a full 360 degrees, allowing you to display your whole outfit. A fan integrated inside the pedestal provides additional propulsion in addition to the revolving mechanism.

5. U/D Floating Shoe Display

The U/D Floating Shoe Display is white, while most levitating shoe displays on the market are black. It also comes in a lovely and spotless white version, which is equally sleek and stylish as the standard black. It can help you blend in with your surroundings so that your shoe appears floating midair. The fact that the U/D Floating Shoes Display offers a variety of sizes is a nice bonus. Choose from three different ranges 350–550, 400–600, and 500–700. Doing so can ensure that the magnet strength is optimal for the footwear you plan to showcase.

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